Fish Supplies

We are your source for fish supplies. From exotic salwater aquariums to the more common freshwater fish tanks, vibrant underwater environments are quickly finding their way into more and more homes. Aquariums fulfill so many different roles that it is difficult to even mention them all. They can be entertaining, peaceful, and relaxing. Caring for them is easy too as long as you are properly equipped with the basic aquarium supplies. From aquarium air pumps, water pumps and powerheads to fish food, and feeders, there is a long list of items you should be stocked up on if you want a vibrant aquarium filled with luscious underwater life.

Aquarium filters provide the most basic and yet most important function in your aquarium. They filter out bacteria, waste, and chemical pollutants from the water, creating sparkling clean water that is essential for sustaining healthy aquatic life. There are three different components of aquarium filtration - mechanical, chemical and biological. Mechanical filtration is the removal of large particles in the water column through a foam filter or filter floss. Chemical filtration is the use of activated carbon to remove harmful chemicals from the water. Biological filtration uses porous media to attract beneficial aerobic bacteria to colonize and allow for the nitrogen cycle to take place.

Just about every aquarium requires aquarium lighting. Basic lighting, like the type provided by fluorescent bulbs, works fine for most tanks. Some tanks, such as large reef aquariums, require high wattage bulbs while other tanks hold fish that prefer subdued and dimmer lighting. It all depends on the type of aquatic environment you are looking to attain. Have you thought about adding LEDs to your list of essential supplies of an aquarium? LED light fixtures provide brilliant beams of light throughout your tank.

When it comes to vital aquarium products, an aquarium heater should be at the top of your list. Keeping an aquarium's water at its ideal temperature is mandatory for sustaining a healthy aquatic environment. There are really only two types of heaters you need to familiarize yourself with - inline heaters and submersible heaters. Inline heaters sit on the exterior of the tank and are plumbed in-line with your filter hose. Inline heaters keep the inside of your aquarium free from all equipment while also evenly distributing heat throughout the aquarium. Submersible heaters are the most popular type of heater simply because of their ease of use. They attach to the inside of your aquarium and are set to the desired temperature.

Some aquarium owners provide their aquatic pets with the very best in everything, including water. They do this by using reverse osmosis systems to remove dissolved solids and chemicals from tap water by forcing it through a RO membrane. There is also an optional additional stage to remove nearly all total dissolved solids from your tap water called de-ionization. An RO/DI filter will provide your tank with the purest water, free of all harmful contaminants. If you choose to use RO/DI water for your aquarium though, be sure to add aquarium water treatments to supplement any minerals that may have been removed during the filtering process.

Knowing exactly what types of equipment you need before you setting up your aquarium will save you time, frustration, and money. If you are looking to start your very first aquarium or are an experienced professional in fish tank care, is the perfect place to buy aquarium supplies.

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