Ferret Supplies

Ferrets require specialized care and understanding due to their unique inquisitive nature and small size. They are famous for their intelligence and agility and make absolutely wonderful pets and companions. 1800PetSupplies.com can help you meet all your ferret's needs with the best selection of ferret accessories online.

Ferrets possess a great deal of energy and need lots of entertainment and exercise to keep them healthy; this means that when your ferret is ready to play, you better be ready to entertain it. This means lots of ferret toys and tunnels. Ferret tunnels satisfy their natural instinct to explore and have fun. What's more is that these items also encourage exercise and mental stimulation. It isn't unusual for a ferret to spend hours playing and romping around in a tunnel. Ferret toys not only provide plenty of exercise opportunities but they also prevent boredom from setting in which can actually be dangerous to a ferret's overall health. 1800PetSupplies.com is the perfect place to buy ferret products online and keep your ferret healthy and full of energy.

You love your pet ferret so why not pamper it a little with clothing designed specifically for ferrets. Ferret clothes not only look adorably cute, but they also perform a functional role. Clothes for ferrets help protect them from the harsh elements like the rain or cooler temperatures. So next time you take your ferret outside for a little walk around the neighborhood, you can put on its little raincoat so he or she stays nice and dry. We different styles of caps and hats to guard their eyes from the sun or to keep their heads warm during cold winter nights. However, you can also dress up your ferret for no reason at all other than it's just cute to do. How can anyone resist smiling at a ferret for acting casual in a sweater or jacket with a matching hat?

One of the most important aspects of caring for a ferret is its training. This includes litter training, training not to bite, and walking with a leash. Ferrets are intelligent animals and readily trainable. The key is patience, consistency, and the right ferret products. For example, when training your ferret to do its business in a litter tray instead of behind your desk, then you better be prepared with ferret litter and cleanup supplies. Always have a bag of ferret litter on hand along with a bottle or two of stain and odor remover just in case there are a few accidents along with the way.

The easiest and quickest way to train any pet, ferrets included, is through the use of positive reinforcement. You reward good behavior with rewards like ferret treats. If you are training your ferret to walk on a harness and leash, you would reward it with a treat for doing something good. This reinforces the desired behavior in your pet.

While they can sometimes be a little tricky to train, ferrets provide a lifetime of happiness. By providing your ferret with plenty of love, patience and understanding, along with using the right ferret supplies, your ferret will be the greatest pet and companion anyone could ever hope for.

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