Something to chew on. Is your dog an aggressive chewer that rips through ordinary toys? Sounds like he or she needs some tough dog toys. Durable dog toys are difficult for your pet to rip apart, providing hours of fun and entertainment. Give your canine best friend a toy it can chew on instead of something it shouldn't.

Tough Dog Toys

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KONG Easy Treat for Dogs

From: $11.99

KONG Easy Dog Treat KONG Easy Treats are delicious treats that delight all types of dogs while providing an easy no-mess solution for pet parents. Made in the USA, this highly-digestible and trans-fat free treat is an enticingly delicious addition wh ...Read more »

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KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Starting at: $14.99

$17.99 Save: 17%

KONG Extreme Dog Toy The KONG Extreme dog toy represents the most durable strength of KONG rubber. Designed for the toughest of chewers, the KONG Extreme offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs. The unique, ultra-durable, all-natu ...Read more »

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KONG Classic Rubber Dog Toy

Starting at: $11.99

$15.99 Save: 25%

KONG Classic Dog Toy The KONG Classic is the gold standard of dog toys and has become the staple for dogs around the world for over forty years. Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs' instinctual needs, the KONG Classic's unique all-natural red ...Read more »

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Puppy KONG Rubber Toy

Starting at: $7.49

$15.99 Save: 53%

Puppy KONG Chew Toy Puppy KONG dog toy is customized for a growing puppy's baby teeth. The unique, all-natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line. Designed to meet the needs of a puppy's 28 baby teeth, it helps teach ap ...Read more »

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KONG Aqua Floating Retriever Dog Toy


$21.99 Save: 23%

KONG Aqua Floating Retriever Dog Toy With Rope The KONG Aqua Floating Retriever Dog Toy is made with ultra-float rubber that is easy for your dog to see and retrieve. The attached 18-inch throw rope helps it go farther, giving your dog more exercises ...Read more »

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Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit


Nylabone(R) Puppy Starter Kit™ Introduce your puppy to the Nylabone(R) family of products and develop healthy chewing habits right from the start! The Puppy Starter Kit™ includes a soft plastic Puppy Bone(R) for teething puppies before they get perma ...Read more »

Made in the USA
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KONG Bone with Rope Dog Toy


KONG Bone with Rope Dog Chew Toy Made from KONG's exclusive Puppy Formula natural rubber, the KONG Toy Bone is the perfect toy for your teething puppy. Chewing is a natural and beneficial behavior and plays a vital role in your dog's physical develop ...Read more »

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Tough Dog Toys

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