Dog Supplies

Everything for your best friend. Whether you've got a new puppy or a full-grown ompanion, making sure you have everything he or she needs can be exhausting. From basics to bowls, toys to furniture, we’ve got all the key supplies and accessories necessary to ensure your dog's absolute comfort and happiness.

Our dogs are our best friends. We share a personal connection with them. It is no wonder then that they are our most faithful and loving of companions. Therefore, we must do all we can to show our dogs that same kind of unconditional love and affection, and the best way to reward them is with the very best in dog supplies.

Your dog deserves to sleep in the most comfortable dog bed, play with the newest toy, and eat the healthiest food. has the dog accessories you and your dog need, and we can help you navigate through all the options.

Deciding on what items you'll need may seem a little overwhelming at first, but it doesn't need to be. Dog products fit a purpose. For example, toys entertain your dog or puppy while also providing a fun way for them to exercise.

Dog toys give your pooch something to chew on besides shoes and furniture. Items like leashes, collars, and tags are important safety items and help provide a little peace of mind if Fido roams a little too far from home.

Keeping your dog healthy without spending a lot of money is easy with regular, preventative head-to-tail maintenance. Actively caring for your dog will keep him or her happy and can help prevent expensive health problems in the future. Choosing the right food is important, as different breeds have unique dietary needs. Regular flea and tick treatments keep both your dog and your home pest-free. Running, playing, and everyday activities can be tough on your dog's hips and joints; a daily dose of vitamins and supplements can help relieve that pain by promoting strength in those troubled areas.

We offer a wide variety of dog grooming supplies; the specific tools you'll need are dependent on your dog's coat type and breed. Long-haired dogs require different shampoos and brushes than a short-haired breed. A variety of combs and brushes have been specifically designed for certain types of coats. Grooming products help your dog's coat stay looking great and your pooch feeling good. Any old shampoo won't do; use one made specifically for dogs or you run the risk of drying out his or her skin. Some shampoos also help remove and repel pesky fleas and ticks.

Don't underestimate the importance of a proper bed for your dog. Dog beds are actually quite important and keep your dog healthy both physically and mentally. Beds vary in size, quality, and function; some are made to be placed inside crates, and others even have memory foam. Knowing this, you don't want to pick out the very first bed you see. Think about what size and what shape bed would be best. Dogs are much more comfortable sleeping on a bed that is the proper size and shape for them; large dogs like large beds and small dogs like small beds.

When it comes to essential supplies for dogs, dog crates are also at the top of the list. Crates act like a dog's little den. Choosing a crate is dependent on the size of your dog, and he or she should be comfortable in it. It needs to be both tall enough for your dog to stand up to his or her full height and wide enough to allow the dog to lie on his or her side and stretch out. The dog should feel like it has some privacy in its crate but also know that it is still part of the family.

The list of items and their purposes can seemingly go on forever. Remember, each dog supply item serves a particular purpose and each dog will respond differently to different items. Whether you have a poodle, pug, boxer, terrier or spaniel, you'll need to know what types of items are best for your dog. Take the time to look through and see how we can help you.

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