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Tips For Cleaning A Bird Cage

Tips For Cleaning A Bird Cage

One of the main ways to keep your bird happy and healthy is by keeping its cage, stands and accessories nice and clean on a regular basis. Once you get in a consistent routine, you will see that cleaning it daily or weekly can be done easily and very quickly. You will also feel better knowing that your bird is healthier and much happier.

Choosing the correct disinfectant for the cage is important. It has to be powerful enough to kill viruses which cause diseases, bacteria and fungi, yet safe enough that it won’t cause the bird any long-term harm. Birds are very sensitive to harsh chemicals and toxic fumes, so extra care is needed when choosing a cage disinfectant. Don’t forget to move the bird to a different room when you are using these disinfectants, also.

Household bleach is one of the best disinfectants to use. Dilute a ½ cup of bleach for every gallon of water. Wipe down the cage and let the disinfectant sit for about fifteen minutes. Next, rinse the cage out thoroughly once the disinfectant has sat long enough. Before you return the bird to the cage, make sure everything is completely dry.

The liner in your bird cage should be changed daily. Liners are a popular choice because they can be easily replaced, and bird droppings are noticeable. There are some bird owners who put layers of paper in the cage and just remove one a day but it is very important top liner is fully clean and no water or droppings have soaked through the layers. If the paper liners are soiled, remove those and get a fresh one.

Water cups should be easy to fill and easy to clean. Food and water dishes can be cleaned with hot water and soap and then dried completely. They can be cleaned with a disinfectant as well. If you use a water bottle on the cage, a bottle brushes come in quite handy. If you happen to have spare bottles, you can use the dishwasher to clean the dirty one and put the extra bottle on the cage for the bird.

Droppings that accumulate on the perches or the bird’s toys need to be removed and cleaned.

Sweep the floor around the bird cage area on a weekly basis to get rid of any fallen seeds, feathers or other debris.

For fast cleanings, use some disinfecting wipes on a daily basis. These come in really handy when you’re trying to keep the cage relatively clean.

Cleaning your bird’s cage is not hard at all. You and your bird will both be a lot happier when his home is smelling clean and fresh!

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