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Spoil Your Kitty With Some Fancy And Fun Cat Beds

Spoil Your Kitty With Some Fancy And Fun Cat Beds

Your cat is your best friend. This statement is said by all cat owners, and why not? The bond that animal and their human parent have is for life. But sometimes your best friend needs their own space to grow and relax. As sweet as it is for your cat to sleep at the foot of your bed, some cats need to be alone and will refuse to do so. Giving a cat its own personal bed can not only provide them with the personal space that they need, it can make a cool new addition to a room’s décor.

There are cats that are very social, for these types of cats a bed just gives them one more place to interact with humans and other pets.  For a cat that is a little shyer, a cat bed that is placed in a popular room in the house can serve as a device to make your cat more comfortable.

But don’t think that cat beds are limited to home use. There are now cat beds that can give cats a homey feeling outdoors as well. Beds like the KH Mfg Outdoor Thermo-Kitty House provide a comfy and safe place for cats to stay outside. Whether it’s a house cat that likes to roam, or the neighborhood feral, outdoor houses are an option to keep cats safe.

If your cat doesn’t do the outdoors that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a stylish bed to call their own. Cat beds are more stylish and comfortable than ever before. Beds like the Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bedlook more like futuristic furniture, and less like a pet accessory.

And finally, if your cat doesn’t like the cold, then a heated cat bed is a good option for those chilly months. Even more creative then that is the KH Mfg Heated WindowSill Cat Bed. Your cat will think that they are in paradise with this soft and warm way to enjoy a snowy winter day.

No matter what kind of cat you have, there is a bed that is puuurrfect for them. Cat beds are a sassy, fun, and functional way to spice up your cats atmosphere and your home décor. For more cat beds click here.


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