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Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Safe During the Holidays

Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Safe During the Holidays

With the holiday season about to begin, pet owners should be aware that while they are having fun with decorations, food and gifts, their pets might be getting into things that are not particularly good for them. Dogs and cats have a natural curiosity when it comes to changes around the house and that inquisitive nature could lead to some serious health problems. As you make plans for the holidays, consider these tips for keeping your pet safe and healthy all the way into the New Year.

All Those Pretty Holiday Plants

One of the more immediate issues to address is the placement of holiday plants around your home. Several plants associated with the holidays can be toxic to household pets. For example, poinsettias and dogs do not mix. In order to keep temptation out of your pet’s path, make it a point to set those plants on a table or place them in an area of the home where they cannot be easily accessed by the four legged members of the family.

Gift Wrapping, Gifts and Your Pet

Pets like to check out what their owners are up to, especially if they are doing something out of the ordinary; many times they even decide to get involved. While this is fine in some instances and makes for some funny pictures, it doesn’t work well when you are in the middle of wrapping gifts.

Don’t spread the gift wrap, bows, ribbon, tape and scissors on the floor. Your pet will likely want to inspect each one and may even decide to take a nip to see how the items taste. In addition, the scissors or the sharp edges on the wrapping paper could injure your cat or dog. Confine your wrapping to a table top, where there is less chance of your pet sustaining an injury.

Holiday Foods and Your Pet

Most pet owners like to indulge their pets during the holidays. This can mean slipping the pet the occasional treat from the table. While this is okay in moderation, don’t make it a habit. People food is not always kind to a dog or cat’s digestive tract. Make it a point to not give your pet anything that could potentially cause distress or lead to a health issue. Caution guests that feeding your pet is discouraged.

Pet Proofing the Tree

A holiday tree is as much of a delight for pets as it is for us. The difference is that pets can find ornaments intriguing enough to try eating them or at least taking them off the tree for a little playtime. As the responsible one in the house, it’s your job to make sure all the ornaments are securely fastened to the tree.

Don’t forget to place the glass and other breakable ornaments on the upper limbs of the tree. For the lower limbs, opt for stuffed or soft ornaments that won’t break and possibly cut your pet if Fido or Mr. Buttons decides to get a little playful. Doing so will save your pet a lot of pain and also minimize the chances of an emergency trip to the vet.

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