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How to Control Fleas on Cats

How to Control Fleas on Cats

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Cats are infamous for their obsession with cleanliness, but even the cleanest of cats can suffer from fleas. Even strictly indoor cats can suffer from fleas and their bites. A severe infestation in your home can make life very difficult for you and your pets. Fleas are a part of any pet’s life, but it is important to take the necessary steps to control fleas and prevent them from taking over your home.

Signs Your Cat Might Have Fleas

There are a few signs that might indicate your cat has fleas:

  • Intense and furious scratching and biting of their coat
  • Hair loss or bald patches from over-grooming
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • Avoiding certain areas of the house they once frequented

How to Spot Fleas

If you observe your cat furiously scratching, you should investigate further.
  • Check their bellies and the areas around their ears for the tiny black dots known as “flea dirt”. You can also use a flea comb or a fine tooth comb on your cat.
  • Investigate the spots where they like to lay for any signs of “flea dirt”.
  •  If you find any of the tiny black dots known as “flea dirt” on your comb, it is time to start controlling the fleas.

How to Control Fleas

There are a few easy steps to rid your cat of fleas and give them relief:

1. Thoroughly clean your home.

Cat shampoos are an effective way to rid your cat of fleas

To prevent any more fleas from popping up, it is important to treat the areas of your home that your cat frequents to remove any flea eggs. Wash bedding and vacuum mattresses, couches, and carpets extensively. Clean any crevices thoroughly where you suspect eggs might be hiding. If you have a flea infestation that’s really out of hand, consider hiring a pest control professional to dispatch bug bombs to disinfect your entire home.

2. Wash and comb your cat.

Cats are very good at grooming themselves, but if they are constantly grooming and scratching just to find relief, consider giving them a hand. Most cats don’t like going anywhere near water, but giving a cat a bath is an effective way to rid them of fleas. There are many safe, gentle and effective shampoos and dips specifically designed to do this. If you’re wary of using shampoos or dips, even a simple rinse with cool water to loosen the fleas will benefit your cat.

After a quick bath, run a fine tooth comb through your cat’s hair to remove any lingering fleas. Pay extra attention to the areas of the body where fleas are likely to hide, like the armpit and base of the tail. Have a container of soapy water nearby so you can drown the fleas as you find them.

Flea & Tick topical products are an easy, safe and effective way to control fleas.

3. Apply topical products.

As a part of your ongoing prevention regimen, you should apply topical flea control products regularly. Products from Frontline® and Advantage® are easy to use, safe and effective for your cat. Apply these products as directed and fleas will not bother your cat.

By following these steps, your home and cat will be flea free in no time. Fleas are always looking to creep up on your cats and inflict painful bites. The likelihood of a flea infestation is greater when you have more than one pet, especially if you have one that is constantly in and out of the house. It’s important to stay vigilant and watch for any signs of fleas.

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  • Updated: 8/4/2019: 8:27:02 PM ET