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Find The Perfect Bird Cage With These Tips

Find The Perfect Bird Cage With These Tips

Birds can seem like a low maintenance pet upon first look, but just because they cannot communicate like dogs or cats can doesn’t mean that they aren’t screaming (or squawking) out for attention. The most important gift that you can give your bird is proper living conditions.

Your bird’s cage can dictate the rest of their behavior. This brings the first factor into consideration when buying a cage, the size. Depending on the size of your bird, you don’t want to get a cage that is oversized or undersized. If the cage is oversized, you run the risk of your bird escaping without your knowledge.

If the cage is undersized, there is a chance that your bird might develop a disorder, stemming from there not being enough room in the cage. (Similar to human claustrophobia.) But that is not the only part of the cage that needs to be taken into consideration.

Also an important factor to consider is the spacing of the bars. If the bars are spaced either too close together or too far apart, bird owners might run into the same problems as owners that buy the wrong sized cage

Aside from size which is one of the most important (if not the most important) factors in cage buying, some other thing to take into consideration is the cage’s condition. Condition referring to if it is new or used. It is always better to buy a new cage instead of one that has been used before.

There are two reasons why this is so true: possible disease and uncertainty about the cages origin. It is possible that the cage you received, secondhand, was the former home of a very sick bird. Owners don’t always know or tell buyers about diseases that a used cage might hold within it. Also, disease from unattended bacteria might form into a potentially fatal infection.

 So don’t skip out on the most important part of your bird’s well being, buy the perfect cage today!

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