Springtime Pet Supplies

It’s finally spring, so it’s finally a chance to enjoy warmer weather, longer days, more sunlight, and more outdoor activities with our furry friends. Make sure you and your pet have everything you need to make the most of it all!

Be Free of Ticks and Fleas

Tip: Did you know? A tick’s favorite spots are in the ears and armpits, around the face and chin, and in between toes. Check out our Solution Center for more!

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Explore the Outdoors

Tip: Who’s walking who? If your dog constantly pulls when walking, wear him or her out before the walk — play fetch or use a pull toy.

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Feline Fine in the Springtime

Fresh & Clean

Tip: Got knots? Sprinkle cornstarch on tangles before brushing to loosen knots.

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Happy = Healthy

Tip: Hard to swallow? Try hiding your supplement in chicken, cheese, or peanut butter!

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  • Updated: 3/1/2019: 3:22:40 PM ET
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