Hot Dogs in the City

Our dogs are our best friends. Just take a second and think of the emotions and experiences that you share with your best friend. You may eat, laugh, and even live with your best friend. When it comes to the decision to move to a new location, you and your human best friend can communicate and find the perfect home that suits both of you.

But when it comes to your other best friend (your dog,) you may not know how to know that a new atmosphere will be good for them. One of the most difficult places to relocate, when you have a dog, is a big city. Bringing your dog to a new home in the city can prove for a very trying time.

Here are a few tips to keep your dog safe and happy in their new city.

dog park

Make sure that there is a dog friendly haven somewhere near by.

Whether it be a small yard, or a dog friendly park, make sure before moving with your current dog, or possibly a new one, that there is some type of outside area where it can run around safely and legally.

dogs on city street

Exercise caution — both indoors and outdoors.

A major city can be potentially dangerous for a dog. Between the high windows and crazy traffic, there are many dangerous hazards for an unsuspecting dog. It is very important to make sure that all of your windows and doors are secure. Also keep your dog leashed at all times when outside. You may realize those moving vehicles are dangerous but your dog may not, especially when he or she has never been exposed to the hustle and bustle of city streets.

do not leave dogs in a hot car

Crack is whack!

No, no, NO! As tempting as it sounds do not leave your dog in the car (EVEN IF THE WINDOWS ARE CRACKED!) It is never ok for your dog to stay in a car, no matter what time of year. Just five minutes in a hot (or cold) car can become a dangerous situation.

These tips can help you make sure that you and your dog can get used to living in a big city. Safety and happiness are two things that we always want to give to our dog. They are also two things that can be easily insured to any dog — even city dogs! Just use common sense and be sure your dog is one of your biggest priorities!

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  • Updated: 11/26/2018: 7:26:08 PM ET
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