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Caring for a Pet After Its Been Neutered

Neutering your dog or cat is one of the most important decisions a responsible pet owner can make. Cat and dog populations can quickly become unmanageable when pets are left unneutered. By allowing these animals to breed continuously, you are contributing to the problem. For example, many neighborhoods have huge overpopulation problems with feral cats and not having your cat neutered only heightens these issues. Additionally, neutering is generally considered to be better for the animal’s overall health.

Upon leaving the vet, your pet will likely be rather drowsy from the medications given during the procedures. As a result, your pet must be kept in a safe place. It’s usually advised that cats are kept in their carriers for several hours, and dogs can often go in their crate or a restricted area of the house. You don’t want your pet to put themselves in a dangerous situation; the wound could be aggravated. Your pet may also be dizzy causing it to stumble and potential injure itself. Make sure all hazards are moved out of the way. You also need to be careful around your pet. Once again, the medications can have a profound effect, making an otherwise loving, friendly and affectionate pet angry or hostile.

Wounds can take several days to several weeks to fully heal, depending upon the depth of the surgery. You will need to make sure that it’s kept clean; your pet will probably prefer to perform these types of tasks by themselves with a good licking, which is frowned upon. Keep a good eye on the wound, so you’ll know immediately if it becomes infected or aggravated. Wound medications and bandages vary depending upon the animal. Follow your vet’s instructions and don’t be afraid to call and ask any questions you may have.

Your vet should let you know when your dog or cat can eat or drink again. They’ll likely suggest that you start with some ice chips or water and a small amount of food to make sure that your pet’s stomach is settled. There may also be specific amounts of time you need to wait before your pet can go outside. Lots of rest is recommended for your beloved animal to back into optimal health.

Having your pet neutered is a procedure that involves a good amount of aftercare. It’s important to follow all of your vet’s advice to ensure that the pet recovers quickly and positively.

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