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Finding Supplies for a Small Breed Dog

Anyone that has a small dog can attest to the fact that these little guys should never be underestimated. Most small breeds, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Silky Terriers, and Pugs, think of themselves as a giant and are never fearful of standing up to the largest of breeds. Although many people love the larger dog and think of the smaller breeds as more of a toy than a real dog, these feisty little critters are in fact excellent companions.

The small dog is very real and special, with unique needs, care and supplies. Owners of small dogs reap the benefits of a cuddle companion and lap dog that has a longer life span than larger breeds. They are easier to pick up and go, are prime candidates for "dress up" and have that puppy appearance their entire lives. All dogs have an unconditional love for their owners and need their love and attention, but there is something special that comes with nurturing, cradling and loving your small canine family member.

Along with all the benefits of the small dog comes some common concerns for injuries and illness such as hypoglycemia, fear of fractures, obesity due to all the spoiling and pampering, dental issues, disc and spine concerns and luxating patella. Of course, this is a limited list and there are concerns affecting any pet. It is important to provide your small dog with all proper health care, necessities and supplies for a long, happy and healthy life.

When choosing those special needs for your little companion, it is a matter of cost and research. Many dog supplies are made with smaller breeds in mind. There are unique glamorous dog collars, harnesses and leashes that coordinate with clothing and apparel and car seats for your little one to travel in style. Although most small dogs require less maintenance, they still need baths, have their teeth and coats brushed, and have the ears and eyes cleaned just like their larger relatives.

The small dog has many unique qualities and requires that special owner who will provide everything the dog needs for its health and happiness. There is nothing wrong with pampering your small canine family member, taking it with you everywhere you go as you show it off to family, friends and everyone you meet.

If you are looking for a dog that is stylish and unique, smaller dog breeds are the perfect companion for you.

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  • Updated: 11/26/2018: 7:42:09 PM ET