Tips for First Time Bird Owners

Tips for First Time Bird Owners

Bringing a new pet into your home is always exciting. No matter what species or breed, bringing a new pet home is (almost) always a pleasant occasion. To insure that things go smoothly, it is important for a family to prepare a great deal before bringing the new pet home.

One pet that needs a very specific set of precautions taken before it enters the house is the bird. Now there are slight variations in the prep that needs to be done, but in all, preparing for a new bird is always the same process.

First off you need the cage. I proper sized cage is a must have for every household bringing home a bird. Unless you want to buy another cage when the bird gets older, the best option is to buy a cage for the size that the bird will get. Giving the bird enough room to explore is crucial. If not given the proper amount of room, the bird might become edgy and moody. And even if you intend on letting the bird fly around from time to time, it is important to establish the bird’s personal space, initially.

To make the cage a home, you must give it that comfortable atmosphere. This can be easily done with the help of some various toys and accessories. Stimulate your birds mind and soul with toys. A good rule of thumb is to have two toys for every bird. This way there is less of a chance that households with multiple birds will have a bird fight! When it comes to what type of toy to get for a new bird, it is hard to tell what its personal taste would be. Best bet is to go for the shinier toys that will grab the bird’s attention and pull them in.

But don’t forget that with all of this excitement about their new surroundings, your bird might get a little too excited. Make sure that way before your bird enters your house that you have a protective layer of newspapers, etc, around their cage. You will regret it in the very near future if you don’t take that advice now! Try a bird cage liner instead of traditional methods for a more sanitary method.

Also make sure they have a nice view of the whole world! (A.K.A the room they are staying in.) Studies have shown that birds have an overall better attitude when they have a clear view of their surroundings. So whether it is the view of your living room, or a nice window seat looking down on a parking garage, give your bird a good view, they will appreciate it!

Take all of this into consideration before bringing your feathered friend home and you will have many happy years ahead.

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