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2013 Holiday Gift Guide
For the Dog
Personalized Holiday Hoodies!

Personalized Holiday Hoodies

Make it personal! These holiday hoodies are warm, comfy and customizable!

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For the Cat

Personalized Cat Tags

It's all about the cat-itude! Find the perfect tag to fit your feline's personality!

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Personalized Cat Tags!
For the Bird
Happy Beaks Natural Wood Bird Swing!

Happy Beaks Natural Wood Bird Swing

Keep your bird interested and active! With so many things to pull, shred, chew and rattle, the fun goes on and on.

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For the Ferret & Small Animal

Prevue® Nature's Hideaway

Made from natural, handwoven grass, this will satisfy the natural instinct to burrow, explore and nest.

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Prevue® Nature's Hideaway!
For the Fish & Reptile
Lee's® Firebelly Amphibian Lagoon Habitat!

Lee's® Firebelly Amphibian Lagoon Habitat

Great for newts, salamanders and frogs, this easy-to-clean, space-saving habitat makes a great gift.

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