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2013 Holiday Gift Guide
For the Dog
Claudia’s Canine Cuisine® Cookies!

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine® Cookies

Baked to perfection, the delicious aroma and incredible taste of these holiday cookies will leave your best friend begging for more!

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For the Cat

Miracle Care Cat Nip Plus™ Kit

Grow your own garden of catnip for your kitty and they'll be purring all year round!

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Miracle Care Cat Nip Plus™ Kit!
For the Bird
Extreme Natural Bird Treats!

Extreme Natural Bird Treats

Add a little excitement to your bird's diet with these straight-from-nature treats.

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For the Ferret & Small Animal

Kong® Interactive Ferret Toy

Hide treats inside this long lasting toy and you'll occupy and delight your favorite fuzzy for hours!

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Kong® Interactive Ferret Toy!
For the Fish & Reptile
Zoo Med African Mopani Wood!

Zoo Med African Mopani Wood

This beatiful African hardwood will be a welcomed addition for both fish and reptile inhabitants.

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